Sunbed Safety

Many people hire a sunbed in order to gain a tan to prepare for a holiday or in preparation for a special occasion such as a wedding. Whatever the reason for hiring a sunbed it is important to understand the tanning process and the potential health risks of excessive sunbed use. However there is evidence to suggest that the sensible use of sunbeds can be beneficial and is certainly no more harmful than being outside in the natural sun. Clearly many people enjoy hiring a sunbed and have done so for many years without any problem, however over exposure to ultra-violet light – potentially from excessive use of sunbeds is considered to be harmful.

It is important that you understand your skin type before you hire a sunbed. Your skin type is something that you are born with and you cannot change it. If your skin does not tan well in the natural sun then it will not tan any better on a sunbed, if you tan easily in the sun then you should tan well on a sunbed.

    • Skin Type 1 – Very fair or pale skin, usually blue or green eyes, red hair, many freckles . This skin type never tans and is easily burnt by exposure to the sun. People with skin type 1 should not use a sunbed.
    • Skin Type 2 – Light skin tones, blue or green eyes, blond or light brown hair with some freckles. This skin type can easily burn if not careful with exposure times but can tan lightly.
    • Skin Type 3 – Light brown skin tone, brown eyes and light brown hair, no noticeable freckles. This skin type usually tans well but can burn with over exposure to the sun.
    • Skin Type 4 – Light brown or olive skin tones, brown eyes and dark brown or black hair. This skin type tans very easily and does not often burn.
    • Skin Type 5 – Brown skin, dark hair and eye colouring. This skin type tans very easily and does not tend to burn.

Home Tan Sunbeds encourage anyone that is interested in sunbed hire to consider all the implications of using a sunbed before deciding if it is right for them. Below are links to various websites that on this subject which you may find useful before deciding whether to hire a sunbed;

Links to NHS, and the World Health Organisation discussing the health risks of overexposure to ultra-violet light with specific reference to sunbed use;

Links that suggest sensible use of sunbeds is not harmful and is in many cases beneficial;

Wikipedia for a balanced and unbiased view;

Our advice for anyone hiring a sunbed is;

    • Under 18’s are not allowed to hire our sunbeds
    • Very fair skinned people should not use a sunbed, if you don’t tan in the natural sun, you will not tan on a sunbed.
    • When using a sunbed be sensible, we will advise you on appropriate times to ensure you do not burn
    • Do your own research to make sure you are comfortable with your sunbed useage (& exposure to the natural sun).