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Do you sell ex-hire sunbeds ?

Yes we sell ex-hire or brand new sunbeds. Go to the sunbed sales page for an idea of prices and then contact us to see what we have available. If you buy an ex-hire sunbed you have a 28 day money back trial period to make sure you are happy with the sunbed you have bought.

How Do I know What Skin Type I Am?

What Is The Best Place To Put The Sunbed?

Most people have the sunbed upstairs in a bedroom, it takes up very little floor space and a bedroom is ideal for privacy. However the sunbed can be set up anywhere in the home that is dry, secure and has access to electricity so a living room, conservatory or garage can also be used if that is more convenient.

Do You Hire Lie Down Sunbeds?

No, Home Tan Sunbeds only have vertical sunbeds for hire, also called sunshowers, tanning cubicles or stand up sunbeds. They are like a small shower cubicle that you stand in the middle of with 4 sides around you, one of them being a door that fully encloses you when you stand inside. These sunbeds are more popular now for home hire as they take up less space, are more hygenic and seem to produce a better all round tan. Home Tan Sunbeds do not have sunbeds that you lie down on, either top and bottom or canopy sunbeds.

What Areas Do You Deliver To?

How Long Can I Hire A Sunbed For?

Most people find that four weeks is sufficient time to develop a good natural suntan, however some people prefer to hire a sunbed for longer periods of time. Typically the longer you hire a sunbed for the cheaper the per week cost.  Shorter hire periods may be possible during Autumn & Winter although this depends on location, please contact us if you need to hire for less than 4 weeks and we will see if we can help.

Do I Need To Book My Sunbed In Advance?

Between March and August we recommend booking as far in advance as you can as there is often a waiting list at that time of the year. Between September – February availability is usually much better but pre-booking is still a good idea to avoid any disappointment.

When Do I pay For My Sunbed Hire?

You pay for the sunbed when it is delivered by either cash or cheque. You will also be required to provide bank card details to act as security for the sunbed, the card is never charged assuming the sunbed is collected on the specified date, undamaged.

If I Hire A Sunbed How Long Will It Take To Develop A Tan?

This depends upon your skin and how well it normally responds to the sun. People that tan easily will see results within a week, people with fairer skin will take longer to develop a tan. We recommend 4 weeks is the minimum length of time to hire a sunbed for in order to develop a tan.

Can I hire A Sunbed If I Live In A Flat?

We do not deliver to multi-storey flats, specifically those with more than 3 levels. We may be able to deliver to 3 storey flats subject to access restrictions, please contact us and we will try and help if possible.

How Much Room Does The Sunbed Take Up?

You will need about 1m sq of floor space with a height clearance of 185cm to fit the sunbed in.

Can The Sunbed Go Upstairs?

The sunbed is delivered in panels so can be taken through a doorway and up a flight of stairs. Most people will choose to have it installed in a bedroom although sometimes it is more convenient to have it downstairs in a conservatory or garage. The sunbed cannot be installed in a kitchen or bathroom.

Are Your Hire Sunbeds Fast Tanning?

All our hire sunbeds have salon strength fast tanning tubes in them, we use a mixture of 200, 240 and 250 watt tubes in our sunbeds. However we do not charge more or less for different strength tubes, our experience has shown that all the tubes perform equally well with almost identical uva / uvb output and therefore there is no noticeable difference between the different tubes.